Get Connected With BVBC

Soon after your first visit to Bow Valley Baptist, you will hear about our Small Groups. These are smaller communities of people who gather to connect with God and with each other. All of our groups are different. Most meet on Sunday mornings at 9:00am but some also meet at different times on different days during the week.  We also have Small Groups for youth and children.

As soon as you hang out with us for a short time, you will find that most weeks are full of other opportunities for our people to serve, grow, and connect.

God intends for us to have an abundant and joyful life so we value being together and have a great time while we gather. Throughout the year, we plan a variety of events intended to help us all on our journey with Christ and each other.

Group Life

Connect. Care. Cultivate.

At BVBC, we work to create places and spaces with smaller communities of people who gather to connect with each other, care for the needs around us and cultivate deeper relationship with Jesus.  We believe that “doing life together” is the best way to connect, serve and encourage one another.

Small Groups

Our small groups meet every day of the week, at a variety of times. Last year, each small group discussed questions that were based on the sermon from the Sunday before.

This year, as our small groups ministry has grown, we have added some “affinity” groups to the mix. We look forward to having more times for people to be able to connect within their busy schedules and lives.

If you are new to BVBC or have been attending for years, small groups are the place to connect with others, feel cared for, and cultivate deep relationships with God and others.

Here is a listing of our current small groups, if you would like further information about any of them, please feel free to email Max and Lynda at


Time               Leader / Contact                                Affinity / Age Group

9:00 am       Bill Bruce/Phillip Koster                           Adult and Sr. Adult

9:00 am              Higgins / Ong                                  Families of young children

9:00 am                Alex Brown                                      Adult and Sr. Adult

9:00 am                Debbie Nelson                         Children – Nursery to grade 5

9:15 am              Doug Fisher                                                Men

9:30 AM             Daniel Spelliscy                              Youth – grade 6 to 12



Time               Leader / Contact                               Affinity / Age Group

9:30 am                Madison Ong                                     Moms Group

6:00 pm           Max and Lynda Blazina           All – Dinner and Sermon Questions

7:00 pm              Colleen Higgins                                  Freedom Session



Time                 Leader / Contact                              Affinity / Age Group

7:00 pm                   Brad Dryer                                    Men – Sermon Questions

7:00 pm                   Jana Parsons                             Women – 1, 2 and 3 John Study



Time                   Leader / Contact                                 Affinity / Age Group

9:00 am              MacKenzie Higgins                                       Moms Group

6:00 pm                  Debbie Nelson                               AWANA /  Kids – K – grade 6

7:00 pm                  Daniel Spelliscy                           Journey / Youth – grade 6 to 12



Time                  Leader / Contact                                      Affinity / Age Group

11:00 am                   Joan Bruce                                    Women – Sermon Questions

1:00 pm             Lyn and Doug Webber                              All – Sermon Questions

7:00 pm           Paulo and Rosimeri Fogaca                       All – Sermon Questions

7:00 pm           Joe and Sharon Kronstal                            All – Sermon Questions



Time                  Leader / Contact                                             Affinity / Age Group

6:30 am                     Doug Fisher                                                Men – Prayer group

9:00 am                  Kayla Spelliscy                                                   Moms Group

7:00 pm               Sue and Gary Smith                                       All – Sermon Questions

7:00 pm         Darren and Heather Derksen                 Parents of Middle/High Schoolers – Sermon Questions



Time                    Leader / Contact                                        Affinity / Age Group

7 pm                    Caleb Smith / Josh Smith                            Graduated HS  – 25ish