… Igniting Vibrant Faith

The children’s ministry @ Bow Valley exists to support parents and to provide environments where kids can encounter God and His word. Our prayer is that God would use this ministry to ignite a vibrant faith in the hearts of kids and families, developing hearts that long to know Christ, to follow Him, and to make Him known.

REGISTER for the upcoming Sunday by Thursday night at 11:30pm


FAMILY SELF-ASSESSMENT to be done on Sunday mornings before attending. Anything submitted before then will not be accepted and you will be asked to redo it upon arrival.


Kids Church

Kids Church is offered during our 10am church service for all kids K-Grade 5. Parents will check-in their kids upon arrival and kids will go straight to their classes. Check-in desk and classrooms for K-Gr 5 are downstairs in the basement, look for the orange Ignite wall! We ask that parents pick up kids within 15 minutes of the end of the service. Parent pick up/check-out for K-Grade 5 is in the basement.

Preschool Bible Time

Preschool Bible Time is offered during our 10am church service for all preschoolers 2 years old up to pre-kindergarten (age 4). Parents will check-in their preschoolers upon arrival upstairs in the Fellowship Hall. We ask that parents pick up their preschoolers within 15 minutes of the end of the service. Parent pick up/check-out will be at the preschool front desk.


We will not meet in person this year but will be doing a program through Awana called “Awana at Home.”  In as little as 15-25 minutes a week, kids can progress through their handbooks in the comfort and safety of their own homes.  Parents, you can have the flexibility to use online resources if you want, but it is not necessary for this program.


Here are some of the details:

  1. Parents can have their kids do as little as 15-25 minutes a week, which should be enough to progress through their books, working at times that work best for their family. If they choose to utilize the free handbook videos and verse song resources that Awana is providing, then that amount of time increases to 30 minutes a week.  If families want to add the extra activities or discussion, then the time increases to 45 minutes a week.  The time that they spend is completely up to each family.
  2. The total registration fee for a child new to AWANA, or in Kindergarten, Grade 3 or Grade 5 is $40. The registration fee for a returning child to Cubbies, in Grade 1 or 2 to Sparks, or in Grade 4 or 6 to T&T is $25.” (The difference in cost is for the uniform)
  3. Each family will be assigned a handbook leader, who will connect with them on a regular basis to offer support and encouragement to the families participating.
  4. Since kids will be working through their books, earning awards as they go, each family’s handbook leader will deliver the awards earned by their kids to their homes once a month. Parents will be signing the kids’ sections and recording their progress in our Awana database.
  5. We will plan to meet in person at various times during the year, including possibly a Grand Prix sometime in the spring.
  6. LeAnne and Debbie will also have a presence on Facebook (Awana @ Bow Valley Baptist Church) and Instagram (Awana_BVBC) with fun themes and challenges.
  7. We will also end the year with an Awards Ceremony.Contact us @ awana@bowvalleybaptist.com

Backyard Kids Camps