Get Connected With BVBC

Soon after your first visit to Bow Valley Baptist, you will hear about our Connection Groups. These are smaller communities of people who gather to connect with God and with each other. All of our groups are different. Most meet on Sunday mornings at 9:00am but some also meet at different times on different days during the week.  We also have Connection Groups for youth and children.

As soon as you hang out with us for a short time, you will find that most weeks are full of other opportunities for our people to serve, grow, and connect.

God intends for us to have an abundant and joyful life so we value being together and have a great time while we gather. Throughout the year, we plan a variety of events intended to help us all on our journey with Christ and each other.


The Young Adult Ministry (YAM) exists to create authentic Christian community among Millennials. We are open to young adults from age 18-35; so far, the age range of those who typically attend is late teens to late twenties (a few in their thirties). All of us are at different life stages.

  • We want to see the YAM permanently established and sustainable by growing in numbers and recognizing and equipping leaders within the group.
  • We will strive to invest in building and strengthening our relationships with God, each other, and others to God.
  • We will dive into God’s Word at every YAM gathering and faithfully and creatively pray for each other.
  • We will encourage Millennials to mature personally and spiritually by investing in their lives so they can, in turn, impact others’ lives forever.
  • We will continue the serving ministry we have started by using our gifts and the resources that God has provided us.

We meet Sunday nights at 5:00 in Room 107 (downstairs from the sanctuary at Bow Valley). The meeting time may change sometimes, but we’ll notify everyone as needed via e-mail and Facebook. At each meeting, we try to have some form of food so that nobody leaves hungry. We’ve done a wide range of activities together, including story sharing (testimony) nights, outdoor and indoor fun nights, and Bible studies.

To learn more and stay up to date with YAM happenings, visit us on Facebook:

Leaders: Samuel and Michelle Agustin